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New from West Elm Workspace for 2017

West Elm Workspace with Inscape was all the buzz at this year’s Neocon, the world’s premier show and networking event for the commercial design industry.  Neocon is a great opportunity for contract furniture manufacturers and others to showcase new products, designs and innovations they are working on releasing in the next few months or so.  Each industry leader creates a showroom that features all of their new products and West Elm Workspace went all out.  They used their “unoffice the office” theme as inspiration to focus on humanizing the workspace with flexible and meaningful additions to their line.  And who could do that better than West Elm, a brand of Williams-Sonoma, Inc. that focuses on supplying its customer base with modern design, affordability and community.

West Elm Workspace with Inscape was awarded Gold in Furniture Systems and Silver in Furniture Benching for their new Conduit Benching System that will also be available with height adjustable work surfaces.  Conduit is a collaboration with world-renowned design firm Gensler.  Conduit is an office system that provides integrated power distribution and space planning flexibility to create different work zones from individual workstations to meeting tables. From shelves to coat racks to privacy screens, accessories can conveniently be integrated to the system for employee workspace personalization.

Also at Neocon this year, The Parasol Meeting Table was a HiP 2017 Winner for Workplace: Tables from Interior Design Magazine which honors industry people and innovative products.  The Parasol Meeting Table uses light as a boundary to define its space, providing the same benefits and functions of an enclosed meeting area with the absence of walled-in meeting rooms. It comfortably seats up to six people and includes integrated power distribution.

The Open Plan Office: Pros, Cons and Solutions


According to Wikipedia, “‘Open Plan’ is the generic term used in architectural and interior design for any floor plan which makes use of large, open spaces and minimizes the use of small, enclosed rooms such as private offices.” These designs have been all the rage in the office furniture industry in the last twenty years and this trend shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. Many businesses here in Pittsburgh and across the country are renovating former warehouses into fabulous and functional workspaces. As with most things, the good usually comes with a little bad. Because of this, we tend to see and even encourage a hybrid of the open plan where most personnel are in some sort of benching units and the managerial staff maintain private offices surrounded by four walls.

Workspaces are for People…


West Elm Workspace – Mid-Century Private Office

Workspaces are for people.  They should be personal.  When West Elm, a Williams-Sonoma, Inc. branch, wanted to furnish their offices in New York, they searched the contract furniture community for something that would speak to their corporate culture.  They couldn’t find it.  And West Elm Workspace with Inscape was born.  Showrooms are popping up all over the country, including ours in Pittsburgh, supplying business professionals with the same style options and functionality they desire for their homes.  Jim Brett, West Elm’s President, says “As a lifestyle brand rooted in home, we’re uniquely attuned to what people want in their daily lives.  That knowledge gives us a powerful lens on how to make work environments more personal and meaningful.”

Started in Brooklyn, NY in 2002, West Elm focuses on supplying its customer base with modern design, affordability and community.  West Elm offers items to furnish and style your home from comfortable and affordable furniture to decorating accessories, and everything in between.  And now, West Elm Workspace with Inscape is doing the same for office spaces.

Benching for open office plans has become very popular in the contract furniture industry in the last few years, but the private office cannot be ignored.  Executives and managers are searching for options that not only fit their work needs, but give them the opportunity to express their personal styles through their work spaces.  West Elm Workspace has choices that will speak to each person’s tastes, including Modern, Industrial, Mid-Century, Truss, Spindle, and Beam.  Of course, extra surfaces and storage solutions can be added to desks to increase functionality.

Modular Carpet Tiles – The New Choice in Flooring


West Elm Workspace x Interface

West Elm Workspace with Inscape has partnered with Interface, Inc. to provide business clients with functional modular carpet options that add style, performance and flexibility to any office space.  The line is exclusive to West Elm Workspace dealers and currently includes six styles with three to six office appropriate color options in each.

The advantages of using Interface’s modular carpet over other options are many.

-Performance – These tiles are designed to stay on the floor and will not up-curl, tap or ripple.

-Flexibility – You can cover the entire floor with them or just make an area rug by combining as many as you want for your size specification.  They can also be mixed or matched by style or color and/or installed in different pattern layouts.

-Easy Replacement – Individual tiles can be replaced by in-office personnel easily and quickly.  Who knew?  Carpet replacement without moving all of that furniture!

-Easy Maintenance – Just vacuum!  No mopping, buffing or polishing.  Interface carpet tiles are stain resistant by holding spills on the surface where they can be easily cleaned.

-No Mess Installation – No glue needed!  The flooring is installed by Interfaces’s own TacTile connectors that eliminate the need for glue and essentially create a floating floor.

-Indoor Air Quality – Interface’s modular carpet tiles meet CRI Green Label Plus criteria for Indoor Air Quality.

-Acoustics – These carpet tiles absorb five times more airborne noise than hard surfaces.

All of that and beautiful too.  These carpet tiles are designed to pair with West Elm Workspace’s furniture line with regard to style, finish options and fabric offerings from Designtex.  Please phone West Elm Workspace Pittsburgh’s Showroom and Design Lab at 412-213-5330 for an appointment to see the line.  Styles include Heritage Craft, Pulse, Saddle Stitch, Terrain, Worsted Plain, and Lattice.


Sleek, Durable AND Affordable – It’s DASH!


Friant’s Dash – Private Office

Dash by Friant features mix and match components with contemporary lines and allows for unlimited configurations that enhance all modern office environments.  And you get all of that with value pricing.  The office featured in the photo at left would run around $ 2040.00, significantly lower than comparable products.  Dash can be customized to the user’s tastes with extensive laminate and metal finishes.  Dash offers discreet built-in work surface power troughs, with privacy screens and multiple storage options. 

Along with the private office choice featured above, Dash is specifically designed to integrate with Friant’s Interra Panel Systems for limitless desking options.  Interra offers five tile materials including fabric, glass, metal, whiteboard, and rail (similar to slat board used for hanging accessories) and can be configured to accommodate multiple employees.  Overhead cabinets can be up-mounted with pneumatic lift or sliding doors for additional storage.  Lower storage includes credenzas, towers, drawer pedestals, and lateral files.  Power is available in either the baseline or beltline.

Dash and Interra by Friant.  Made for each other and made for the modern office!






Benching, The Way We Work Now



Tired of being surrounded by three or four cubicle walls?  Need a little more interaction with your co-workers?  Well, wait no further.  Benching is here and it is here to stay.  Many companies, large and small, are moving away from cubicles that isolate employees and toward integrating work systems with open plans that promote collaboration, communication and idea sharing.  Save the four walls for management who require privacy in their day to day activities.  Those employees in the trenches just may need to be social with a line of sight to others they work with, not to mention a little natural light that you can’t get when you spend your whole day in a box with no windows.

Sit or Stand? That is the Question.


There has been a lot of buzz in the office furniture industry lately.  Major furniture and ergonomic accessory manufacturers are developing new products that give office professionals the opportunity to stand while they work.  One study conducted in 2011 called “Reducing Occupational Sitting Time and Improving Worker Health: The Take-a-Stand Project” by Nicholas P. Pronk, PhD and his associates, reduced time spent sitting by 66 minutes per day and concluded that the project “reduced upper back and neck pain by 54%, and improved mood states”.  Even more fascinating is that these benefits were all completely eliminated within two weeks of the project end.

Other benefits touted by some include:

  • Regularly flexed muscles support healthy functions and chemical production.
  • Decreased chances of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and blood clots.
  • Burning of more calories.
  • Increased focus and alertness.

A lot of options are now available for those who want to reap these benefits.  You can add a base to an existing top, purchase a table that includes a sit/stand base, or install a unit that attaches to an existing desk allowing the monitor and keyboard to rise while the desk stays in place.  Most popular now is incorporating multi-unit benching systems that have a sit-to-stand option designed and built into all stations.  Anderson Interiors has options from Inscape, West Elm Workspace, ESI Ergonomic Solutions, Workrite Ergonimics, Symmetry Office and Humanscale.

Call 412-828-7420 to learn the best way for you and your co-workers to stand while you work!  And the answer to the question is – Sit AND Stand!




We Vote for Serious Style!



Deciding who to vote for is a lot easier when we’re talking about the #westelmWORKSPACE Heyward Curved Sectional!  Do your civic duty and vote it Best of Year – #Dboyawards #imwithWORKSPACE – Vote at http://bit.ly/2dqHSMQ.

Interior Design Magazine’s “Best of Year” is the design industry’s premier design awards, honoring the most significant work of the year as well as recognizing designers, architects and manufacturers from around the globe.  West Elm Workspace with Inscape is entered in 8 categories this year.



Vote to Collaborate!



Ever had trouble booking a conference room before?  Meet your new best friend, the #westelmWORKSPACE James Harrison XL Settee – perfect for creating a private conference space anywhere in the office.  Vote it Best of Year – http://bit.ly/2dNu9PF .

Interior Design Magazine’s “Best of Year” is the design industry’s premier design awards, honoring the most significant work of the year as well as recognizing designers, architects and manufacturers from around the globe.  West Elm Workspace with Inscape is entered in 8 categories this year.



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